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3 & 6 Months Car Hire program | Enjoy Massive Savings:

3 & 6 Months Car Hire program | Enjoy Massive Savings:

Atlantic choice offers 6 months Car Hire, the ultimate way to get your rental car at an affordable price for long term.  Extended Car Hire is always convenient, reliable and extremely cost effective either you need it for your business trip or travel adventures.

Long Term Six Month Car Hire suits a customer that needs a fleet for a number of weeks or months as opposite to daily Car Hire. If you are going to visit United Kingdom for a longer period then hiring long term rental would certainly melt away all your daily rental hassles in much affordable price. From a customer’s perspective, long term car hire works best and much affordable way.

Simply book your 6 Month Car Hire:

Merely tell us how long you need long term Rental Car for, extend your hiring duration either you feel or need and even switch to a different fleet or van anytime, anywhere just you need to access our online booking system via the internet.

Flexible 3 and 6 months Car Rental Program is purely designed to work around your needs. There’s no long-term commitment and you can also benefit from brilliant discounts and low seasonal Rentals. Finding the best deal on a Car Hire can be an annoying experience with all the different options online which is why you should rent for long term.

Renting a Car for 6 months will keep you away from putting lots of dent in your wallet, specifically, if you plan on holding onto the van for more than a couple of days either for 1 week or 2 weeks Car Hire. If you’re planning a long-lasting holiday or need a Car for two months for your long business trip then it would be much better to book your Car in advance and get huge discounts.

Why choose flexible Long Term Rental?

There are numbers of benefit you can enjoy by having 6 Months Car Hire deal.

  • You have your car as long as you want it
  • Enjoy renting an affordable vehicle for 3 to 6 months
  • Long term Car Hire plan will let you save huge money
  • You get to choose between various mileage options

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